Kobrin Military Historical Museum named after Alexander Suvorov

The museum was founded on 18 June 1946. The first exposition was opened on 1 May 1948 in the house, which belonged to General A. V. Suvorov in the late 18th century. After the restoration of the building the exposition “The House of A. V. Suvorov” was opened on 15 November 1980. It is dedicated to the life and military activities of the Great Russian General. The 2nd exposition "Seven Centuries of Kobrin" was opened on 8 May 1995. It is based on Kobrin District military history in the context of military history of Belarus of the 13th-20th centuries. The museum is the only one in Belarus directly connected with the name of the Great Russian General A. V. Suvorov. Rich collections of original items of the 16th-19th centuries gave a possibility to set up two unique expositions of military history. In 2006, the museum was awarded the Special Prize by the President of the Republic of Belarus in the nomination of "Museum Work". The total number of items is 24,029. The collections of weapon, military uniforms and equipment, faleristics, prints are the most valuable. The rare items are: a two-handed ‘flaming’ sword, a rifled harquebus, and a full set of the knight’s armor of the 16th century, a uniform of the war of 1812. The unique memorial items are: an award saber of the Prussian General von Zitten, the Russian saber of the Don Ataman Shcherbakov with a gift inscription by Empress Elizabeth I, items of the personal clothes of the Russian Emperors Peter III, Pavel I, and Alexander I. The specifics of cultural and educational activity are in the development of museum and educational lessons, dealing with historical and emotional reconstructions of various periods of history along with theatrical art forms of work.

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